When a woman dresses….

It is a delight to see a pretty girl dressing:)

When a woman dresses up, it is like watching a ballad, slow and graceful!

It is quite nice to see girls getting made up especially when you have a camera in hand!


About Sunshinemom

I am a food photographer and vegan blogger at tongueticklers.com.
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3 Responses to When a woman dresses….

  1. sig says:

    Nice pic! One doubt Harini, did you ask for permission before taking this picture? I’ve always wanted to photograph random strangers, but I am too shy to ask.

    • harinip says:

      Thanks:). Yes, I do ask permission and affirm it again! I too am shy about asking strangers but since this project I have been asking people and doing good so far. Some people say no to taking a picture and some say no to uploading. The lady in picture is a friend and we met at a shoot. She did not mind tastefully done pics:). It does require a lot of courage to ask though.

  2. Siri says:

    Yes, it does take a lot of courage to ask strangers to pose for pic!

    Lovely pic 🙂


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